What are the delivery times for goods ordered?

All our products are hand finished and polished only after confirmation of order, therefore our delivery times for Italy are:
20/25 days for catalogue furniture with walnut finish
40/45 days for catalogue furniture with cherry or natural finish
40/45 days for catalogue furniture with coloured and decorated plaster finish. 60/70 days for custom furniture

Can custom furniture be made?

Yes, as long as modifications are to furniture in the catalogue. Feasibility of each request will be decided by our technical office. Delivery times are the same as for custom furniture .

What is meant by custom furniture?

Carpentry modifications
We consider "custom" a piece of furniture that has had carpentry modifications, for example to adapt to measurements requested by the client, or a variation in the shape of the foot, or the addition of decorative cornices, etc...

Colour modifications
"Custom" is also when the colour of the wood finishing is replaced by a colour sample provided by the client, i.e. a colour different to the standard colours (walnut - cherry - natural).

There is also furniture that is completely coloured (inside and out), in a solid colour brushed on then antique finished. This finish is called "coloured plaster" and is available in eight standard colours (ivory - powder - ochre - light green - Bordeaux red - dark green - blue - aquamarine). Colours are considered custom when a colour sample is provided by the client.

Furniture is considered custom when it is already decorated with catalogue designs and the client wishes to change the colour of the decoration or the base colour of the furniture.

Can the colour of the wood be personalised?

Yes. All furniture in the catalogue, of any finish, is available in walnut, cherry and natural colours. Depending on the type of finish chosen, delivery times can vary.

Can furniture with sample colours be personalised?

Yes. All furniture in the catalogue can be made with "sample" colours provided by the client, whether it is wood or another finish. Delivery times are those for custom furniture.

Can furniture that is already coloured be personalised?

Yes. All furniture, regardless of the finish shown in the catalogue, can be made in coloured plaster finish in the eight standard colours of our colour samples: ivory, powder, ochre, light green, Bordeaux red, blue, dark green, aquamarine. Delivery times are those for custom furniture.

Can the decoration colour be personalised?

All decorated furniture can be changed at the client's request. The base colour and the decoration colour can be changed by providing a sample of the desired colour or choosing the colour of another article of furniture from our collection or from a decoration in the catalogue. Delivery times are those for custom furniture.

Can non-standard furniture be decorated?

Yes. All catalogue furniture can be decorated in any of the three wood finish colours (walnut - cherry - natural), selecting the type of decoration and the colour from one of the many Tiferno products, but altering it as required.

Furniture in the catalogue can also be decorated in the "coloured plaster" version as described in point 6. The type of decoration may be chosen from the many decorated products in the Tiferno collection and altered as required.

It is also possible to change the type of decoration on furniture that is already decorated. Here too the design may be chosen from the Tiferno collection and altered as required. The feasibility of the request will be decided by the decoration laboratory. Delivery times are those for custom furniture.

Is it possible to order marble tops different to those in the catalogue?

Yes. The following marble tops are available: White Carrara, Pink Perlino, White Perlino, Pink Portogallo, Red Verona, Green, Yellow Bilbao. For different kinds of marble, availability is checked each time. They can all be custom modelled, with a "bird's beak" edge. All marble can be provided glossy or matt polish.

What should be done if the furniture is slightly scratched?

The type of manufacture and finishing makes our furniture time-tested. Nevertheless if there is damage from wear and tear, we can supply a kit for retouching and minor restoring, to be used according to the telephone instructions of one of our finishing department supervisors.

Recomendations for everyone

We have willingly accepted the challenge of this audacious means of communication which lets us open a show window to the world

Nevertheless we like to recommend all our clients, or potential clients, to visit one of our salesrooms in person.

This way all the paper documentation produced over the years can be seen, giving an exact view of the solidity of our firm.

There are nearly a thousand pages showing our products in elegant settings and with suggestive furnishing suggestions.

For finishing colours, the quality of which we are very proud, it is a good idea to view the samples attached to the colour cards available in all salesrooms. If you can't visit one or you are particularly fond of being a "navigator", don't hesitate to phone us for further and more detailed information about colour tones and about the completely crafted manufacturing process used for our products, to make your purchases easier.

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