Who are we

Tiferno mobili was founded by Giulio Chiaroni in Città di Castello in 1976. It owes its name to the name of the city, which was built in Roman times along the path of the river Tiber, in the northern part of Umbria, on the border with Tuscany.


Giving emotion and imagination to Your home with high-quality furniture, kitchens and doors.

What we do

In Italy and abroad, Tiferno Mobili asserts the ceaseless creative spirit of the classic furniture and “country style”, typical of Umbria and Tuscany.

A large collection of furniture to create with and customize forms and colors, combining the tradition from which they are born with the passion of personal creativity.

Tradition and Modernity

Managing to combine the quality of an artisan product with an industrial management is the company’s primary pride. Tiferno and Aquitania furniture go through the history and tradition of Umbrian and Tuscan furniture, but at the same time it adds modernity and functionality that make this furniture, suitable for any modern setting.

Research & development

The colors of Tiferno finishes are the result of careful research in order to create with a mixture of natural pigments a series of delicate shades which reflect warmth and tonality of wood.By means of these distinctive colors Tiferno is able to express the fascination of wood and reveal its true value.

The rich collection of decorative elements bears the signature of Susetta Barrese, wife of the founder Giulio Chiaroni and associate of the Perugia Academy of Fine Arts, who is in charge of our design studio. Each motif is the fruit of her sustained and enthusiastic research. These themes range from classical items to those inspired by popular artisan tradition.

Tiferno Mobili AD 2016