The manufacturing process

The carpenters

I falegnami

Our carpenters, are craftsmen who have forged their mastery in the rigorous school of Umbrian tradition and have the skill to express these qualities. It is these professionals, true artists who with hands sensitive to the heartbeat of the wood, bring unremitting care and attention to the achievement of perfection, who, with their wisdom and understanding, bend the material to conform to the shapes and styles of modern demands.

Wood Selection

Il legno, selezione

Tiferno specialists select with care and experience only the most valuable essences of woods, checking the cutting and the seasoning before committing to the wood processing procedures that will highlight their special features.

Wood Seasoning

Il legno, stabilizzazione

Wood like any living substance is subjected to modification even after it has been worked. Therefore every piece of furniture, before undergoing the final process of hand-finishing is allowed to rest for at least 2 months.

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